Member Solutions

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  • Give members greater control over their healthcare

    Giving members better access to healthcare information is smart business. With TriZetto Member Portal, your health plan members can go online to get information and review transactions, giving them more control over their care. They can check the status of claims, inquire about eligibility, get a summary of their benefits, update their primary care provider and more. Because these are self-service interactions, you get fewer phone calls to client service, helping you save time and resources.

  • TriZetto Services®

    Member solutions can help you achieve dramatic results, but you’ll see results faster when you combine these solutions with TriZetto Services®. That’s because no one has more experience managing and implementing TriZetto applications than TriZetto itself. With TriZetto Services, you’ll experience easier implementations and integrations, smoother process transitions and faster business transformation. That translates to measurable results and a competitive edge. Learn more about TriZetto Services now.